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    Underground Night-Club

    Post  Laylei on Sun Nov 21, 2010 6:15 pm

    Enter into a world, veiled in mystery and deception. A world that relies on what you can not see, as it ebbs right past you, only to be seen slightly in your peripheral vision. A world where men and women exploit angels and demons. Where factions uses chaos, faith, money, and so much more for their fight for supreme dominance. A world that is soon to face Dark Days.

    In this world, there of but three factions. The first is the Illuminati, who party it up in New York. These back-stabbing playboys are notorious for their use of money, behind the scenes, and are known to shake hands with the wealthy and the powerful. The only thing more known than there money and power, is there party habits, and the fact that they’ll happily stab anyone in the back for supremacy.

    Next is the Dragon who sits in a hazy middle of the good and evil spectrum. They’re stationed in Seoul, Korea but have agents everywhere around the world. The Dragon uses chaos to find true power, being more of the man behind the curtain, controlling the puppets mercilessly to due his bidding.

    Lastly, in the Templars, who reside proudly in London. These men and women, do not believe in one religion, but simply in faith. They use their faith, to justify their actions of ‘purifying’ the world, of all the darkness. They’re rivals with the Illuminati whom they kicked out of Europe centuries ago, and are still considered enemies to one another.

    There’s constant conflict, as the factions fight for supremacy, all while keeping the hazy world unknown to those blissfully ignorant. Noone knows what truly lurks in the the abandoned buildings, forests, but only speculates. Noone knows what truly is in the hidden world of Agartha, but people certainly want to find out.

    Though, petty violence and squabbling is pushed aside when inside the grand sanctuary which is the Underground Nightclub. Though, it's not always so friendly, as great secrets lurk even in the one safe haven.

    So which side do you pick ? Do pick fast though, Dark Days are coming, after all.

    Welcome to the Secret World.

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    Re: Underground Night-Club

    Post  Eleutherophobia on Sun Nov 21, 2010 6:34 pm

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