A series of flyers on the local theatre...

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    A series of flyers on the local theatre...

    Post  Arquemada on Tue Nov 23, 2010 5:15 pm

    Many flyers hang from the chaotic spew flourishing from the board at the theatre entrance. Rainy weather has afflicted them drearily but some remain legible.

    The Verne Thespian Society

    Now accepting applications for the following positions. Requirements below!
    -Must have a printer or some form of note taking device.
    -Must not have permanent facial or visible tattoos that cannot be hidden.
    -Must be over 17, exceptions do apply to this but for the most part.
    -*Must have a health qualification from a physician
    Stage Manager
    -Must have printer or some form of note taking device.
    -Must be responsible and have the health qualification as well.
    Costume Designer
    -Must be able to tailor clothing, make alterations.
    -Must be dedicated to the art of fashion and stay true to the script.
    -Must have a health qualification.
    -Must be able to stay out of the limelight and allow themselves to blend into scenery.
    -Must not have visible tattoos.
    -Must have health qualifications.

    If interested, feel free to contact our director at [too weathered to be read]

    Seis de Espadas

    A Verne Thespian Society Production

    Based on a true story, this is the harrowing tale of a young girl stolen from her home and forced into a tragic life.

    Amongst criminals, prostitutes, and seedy clientele, will she manage to retain her innocence?

    Will she survive?

    Will she thrive?

    You can only find out on Monday through Thursday at 9:00 PM at the [too weathered to be read] Theatre.

    Directed by Jacques Verne

    Magnolias and Bloodlines

    A Verne Thespian Society Production

    Gianna Donahue is a nouveau-riche socialite.

    Daniel Bullsworth is wealthy and of noble lineage.

    What happens when a Daniel finds that the woman he has been wanting for money, also has noble lineage?

    Will she overlook their differences for the good of the coffer?

    Who is the charming and seductive Randall Trudeaux?

    Why does he have both of their most scandalous underwear on HIS bedroom floor?

    Find out Sundays and Saturdays at th- [Too weathered to be read] -heatre.

    Directed by Jacques Verne
    ((This is open to IC reactions and such))

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    Re: A series of flyers on the local theatre...

    Post  Arquemada on Tue Nov 23, 2010 5:19 pm

    ((Spot reserved for future flyers))
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    Re: A series of flyers on the local theatre...

    Post  Domino on Wed Nov 24, 2010 3:54 am

    Nineteen-eighty one, the end of it, was the last time Alice Wainwright had acted. She was five years old, and had played Gretl von Trapp in a parks department production of The Sound of Music. She had started crying midway through the play, and was swiftly whisked off stage, and removed from the second act. Thrown-up macaroni ended up on her mother’s blouse.

    She thought, for a moment, that she could blend easily enough into a background. But a queasy feeling began to bubble up in the back of her throat, and she sort of smiled at the contact information’s illegibility.

    Probably for the best.
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    Re: A series of flyers on the local theatre...

    Post  Eleutherophobia on Thu Nov 25, 2010 2:03 am

    From: The online repository of The Columbia University Weekly Lifestyle and Local Arts Review:

    But I Don’t Speak Spanish
    By: Fara K. Yazin - Law; Columbia University

    I must first preface this by saying that my critical comments earlier in the year about the Verne Thespian Society were perhaps a bit without ground. Director Jacques Verne and his cast have clearly found their footing in the months since this spring’s production of Nobody Loves an Albatross.

    At its recent dress rehearsal (I know a guy), I was treated with a glimpse not only into the seedy world of Seis de Espadas – a semi-true story of a young girl forced into prostitution, but also an insight into the renaissance of off-Broadway theatre in New York. Yes, some of it is inaccessible. Yes, some of it is probably some sort of inside joke. And yes, it gets weird to the point of making the audience noticeably uncomfortable, at times. But after checking off these apparent must-do items in not-ready-for-primetime productions, Verne creates a world that is altogether believable for the three-hour trek.

    For those familiar with the story (I was not, going in), the original Reno, Nevada setting has been exchanged for a Hopper-esque coffee-and-cigarettes city that really serves to paint its protagonist and narrator, Carla (Maria Guzman), in a light much less saturated by inopportune circumstance than by a simple lack of options.

    The cast (all but one being under 25 years old) absolutely shines. To wit, Dino (Anthony Gordon) has an extended monologue in the second act that stuck with me even after a day of television and casework. Costumes, too, seem period-relative, and combined with a convincing set allow the production to teeter somewhere between the brink of reality and unfiltered noir, all with a vein of subtle absurdity brought on by the change in period, throughout.

    In all, it’s one that I plan to see during the actual run. Jacques Verne has clearly grown more comfortable in his position, and the play shows off the society’s maturity. If for no other reason, though, go to see the Pharaoh Theatre. It’s a beautiful venue, and there’s an impressive bar service throughout the show.

    What: Seis de Espadas, dir. Jacques Verne
    When: Nov. 29 – Dec. 9, Mo.-Thurs. 9p
    Where: The Pharaoh Theatre (BMT Brighton Line - King’s Highway)
    Tickets: $15 adult, $12 student and senior
    Info: Verne Thespian Society – www.thevernesociety.net
    Verdict: Go see it

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    Re: A series of flyers on the local theatre...

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