The Kettle.


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    The Kettle.

    Post  Journey on Thu Jul 29, 2010 1:23 pm

    --Wish I had exercised more, then he wouldn't of caught me--

    The right side of my face nestled a little bit more into the mud as the left side of my face was pushed down more by the officers boot sole. The rain splashed down lightly all over the both of us in the alleyway. Somewhere in the distance I could hear children playing in puddles. Giggling merrily to themselves. The alley I was in had a bit more of a somber note hanging in the air however. The officer looming above me ground his foot left and right ever so slightly as to push the treading into my cheek.

    --He wears cheap kickers, I'd never be caught wearing that shite--

    "See you're whats wrong with this city", He announced before spitting down into the puddle I was soaking into. "You damn psychopaths running around doing whatever in the hell you want. Think you got it made don'cha? Think you can just waltz around this city causing chaos and hurtin' the good people trying to make a livin'?"

    I laughed and choked a little on the dirt water creeping into my nose.

    "You think that shit is real funny don't you?" He said as he planted his hand on my cheek where his foot used to be and put his other legs' knee hard into my back as he knelt down to whisper into my ear "Well jokes on you this time little girl. No more playtime for you princess."

    --His breath smells like old cigars and cheap rum. He's bladdered.--

    He tossed his badge and it hit the alley wall with a metallic clank before splashing into a nearby puddle. He kept my head pushed into the water with his tattoo covered left forearm and brought his pistol up with the nose edged into my temple. He pressed hard like the pain would somehow cause me more distress than the prospect of being shot in some unknown alley.His breathing slowed rapidly and he began taking larger breaths, trying to push himself to pull the trigger and splatter my brains all over the alley and himself.

    It began to rain harder.

    --Bleeding'hell, ...I forgot to turn off the stove this morning after I had the kettle on.--

    "You ready to die, you little worm? This will be payback for all the people you've killed and all the mayhem you've caused in this city."
    I shrugged under his weight.
    "Oh nothing to say now huh? Well that's just fine. I hope you have a fine time in your cozy little part of hell."

    "Puthbh thaaa sothck in it wiltpth ya." I managed to say through the dirt water.

    "What you trying to say now bitch?"

    "Spphpgpgpphhhhht." Water and dirt poured into my mouth as I tried to talk again.

    " Hahahah" He pulled me up onto my feet quickly and shoved me against one of the alley walls.My back hit it hard and slightly knocked the air from my lungs. I looked down quickly and noticed his cheap shoes that he had placed into my cheek not too long ago." There ya go , now you can try praying again without all the water in your face..ha!"

    " I said..." I took a deep breath, and quietly repeated "Shut up, and listen you dumb prat...."

    A moment passed.
    Silence, except the rain.


    It was the first brick falling from the Berlin wall.
    It was the shot heard round the world.
    It was Hiroshima deafening everything in that alley.

    It was the sound of my revolver cocking.

    Five minutes later I found myself running out of the alley and into the streets again.

    --Wish I had exercised more--
    --It's a long jog back to the apartment to turn the stove off--

    (( I am very much a complete newbie to rp, so I started to tell the story of my character, Journey. I look forward to seeing and playing with you guys hopefully on the game, and getting my feet wet with the rp on these forums Cool ))

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    Re: The Kettle.

    Post  Redman on Thu Jul 29, 2010 6:17 pm

    That guy who comes crashing into the alley with a loaded .44 as Mr. Po-po snaps closed that first bracelet? That's me. My sweet .44, very little skill to it really. Just point, and shoot! No automatic spray-and-pray. This sucker packs a mean punch with special made Enforcer rounds emblazoned with the name of your very own arch-nemesis on the cartridges. After that firefight you've just had, two or three well-aimed shots will do just fine.

    I pray to God above for those rare moments when Criminals outnumber Enforcers 2-to-1. Silly 'Forcer, carrying less than lethal rounds. Never mind that I'm still sitting here in my homey's car, recovering from that nasty stun while you attempt to arrest my pal...I'll bat cleanup with some burst-fire. Attitude and respect are two things I admire the most. This stupid 'Forcer learnt his lesson, so next time beware!
    Bad Liver and a Broken Heart
    Bad Liver and a Broken Heart

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    Re: The Kettle.

    Post  Eleutherophobia on Thu Jul 29, 2010 10:14 pm

    (A wonderful introduction, especially from a proclaimed newbie. Welcome to the Rain Dogs!)

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    Re: The Kettle.

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