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    Post  Delinquent on Sat Aug 07, 2010 10:52 am

    Since I aparently don't have access to all areas of the forums I will post this here. I came across this and have yet to really dig into it, but I wanted to cut and paste all that I could on it for all to see:

    Troubletcat wrote:
    I''d like to organise a broad RP event to try and get a little more motion in our collective ocean. I''d post more info here, but character limit/I''d rather keep things in one place. There''s a more detailed thread about it on the RSPR forums here . If you really don''t want to sign up for our forums that''s fine, just post your replies here instead.

    Haig wrote:So, the game's starting to feel kind of stale for me, due to its myriad of issues, but it has so much potential that I'm not willing to give up on it yet, and Tuesday's patch really did make it start to feel a fair bit more polished.

    I had this idea of trying to form a cohesive RP community for the game, but understandably, after playing the game in its fairly unfinished state, my enthusiasm and the enthusiasm of other would-be role-players seemed to drop significantly. As I said though, I'm not quite prepared to give up on this game. It has a lot of potential and I think there's a pretty good chance that RTW will pull through.

    What I'd like to do is arrange a large role-playing event for anyone who's interested on either side of the law. Just a kind of meet-and-greet sort of thing, with the goal of getting everyone interacting IC and knowing each other's characters (at this stage - more complicated events could well follow, and hopefully try and get some actual plot-lines running). What I want to know is how many people are still interested enough in the game/RPing in it to be interested in this kind of event, and, if you're interested, what times your available.

    So please, post below if your interested (or hell, even if you're not) and include an idea of when you'd be available. Because I'm sure you folks are in several different timezones (and me and some of the other members of RSPR are in Australia - pretty damn different indeed) post a rough idea of your availability in EDT (GMT -4) as this seems to be the 'server time.'

    I'm currently available pretty much any time, although I'm about to start a new job, so that may change in the next short while.

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