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    First Days Antics~ Empty First Days Antics~

    Post  Cynthetic on Fri Jul 02, 2010 5:59 am

    With Little to No Effort...

    ...Eron, Sephr, Myself and Chico managed to make complete asses of ourselves by using tactics better suited for cock-roaches when a light flicks on.

    I was dying laughing, but every time we tried to survive in our first VIP mission, we'd group together in a vehicle, then suddenly scatter when we saw an enemy. Whilst driving, everyone had a tendency to jump out screaming and running, barking to each other about sticking together while getting sniped in the head by a somewhat coordinated enemy team.

    It was great fun!

    I also enjoyed meeting all of you; I can't wait to actually get some roleplay started and as Euthen..ner..siaphobia...her.. That lady person suggested, I'm going to try and bring my Application story into Roleplay section and leave it open for Rain Dog intervention!

    Obviously I'm tossing quite a word salad right now, but it is 4 am my time as of posting this. Still waiting for my love to get home and all (works nights!).

    See you all soon! Thanks for the warm welcome!
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    First Days Antics~ Empty Re: First Days Antics~

    Post  Chainer on Fri Jul 02, 2010 7:13 am

    Forgive my approach to teamwork, as I'm used to being the one who runs out flanking. So when I see everyone get scattered I have to suddenly change the entire way I work. Euthen..ner..siaphobia...her.. That lady person suggested

    Most of us stick with "Ele". Ele's name has been quite the issue ever since days of green code falling across our RSIs'. Heh.

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