A look at patch 1.41.


    Here 'til the Money Runs Out
    Here 'til the Money Runs Out

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    Re: A look at patch 1.41.

    Post  Delinquent on Sat Aug 28, 2010 8:11 am

    Dice wrote:Myra, Nickel, Sadrian, and I were getting some incredibly even matches yesterday. Then we started getting nothing but Threat 14s and 15s. We had to change districts, it became fucking ridiculous.

    Even? You mean it was even when pour ol' Chris Walsaw joined the enforcers against you in an 8 v 8 match? I got lucky that I ran you over, mister 20 - 6... Smile

    Yes, Dice is right, the matches were very even last night. When in a district that is filled with low threat players, however, and your threat climbs the problem can come in. If a team of threat 13 - 15 appears in the district and your team has been rolling (as Dice's team was last night) then suddenly you will be paired up with those threat 13 - 15's until one or the other has a threat reduction. Course, from the vent conversation I was hearing I don't think it was the group they were facing but the cheep tactic of having a clan mate not on the mission doing things like parking a car on the point so Dice and Co could not move the car or destroy the car. Far as I understand that type of griefing is reportable (and a cheep ass way to guarantee those enforcers never loose their 15's).
    Petra Bealer
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    Re: A look at patch 1.41.

    Post  Petra Bealer on Sat Aug 28, 2010 10:26 am

    You know, had a chance to play for about a couple hours this morning... this is stupidly improved as far as I'm concerned. The matches were even or close to even... we won some, lost some, but except for one or two matches it never felt like we were just getting bulldozed. And maybe it's the matchmaking, or the recoil or something, but the way the NTEC works now feels *right*; I went from my normal < 50% K:D to ... quite a lot higher. It's like, all the ways I was trying to play... suddenly work.

    Obviously will continue to see. Did see the Stabba CCG thing but... well, y'know, of course there's *some* overpowered LTL weapon. Wink

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    Re: A look at patch 1.41.

    Post  Firnyn on Sat Aug 28, 2010 1:15 pm

    Hey, i was playing last night a bit and this morning...

    I am actually please with this update... the diving thing sucks a little bit more now as my skill i had means almost nothing now.... lol but i was 1 for 1 win loss last night and this morning..

    so lots of fun and i love not entering a distric and having APB called on me just because i entered.. LOL

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    Re: A look at patch 1.41.

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